8 Best Foods To Improve Bone Health


Strong bones are essential for good health. But due to aging, genetics, and unhealthy diets, millions of women and men suffer from brittle bones. Brittle bones cause about 8.9 million osteoporotic fractures per year! Moreover, women start losing bone density from the age of 30, which makes them more prone to falls, fractures, and premature aging. But there’s a way you can revert this problem.

According to NHS, consuming foods rich in calcium and/or vitamin D is the best way to strengthen your bones. This article lists the 8 best bone strengthening foods that can help protect you from osteoporosis, improve your overall structure, and save you from paying soaring medical bills. Take a look.

Here are the best foods that can help strengthen your bones:


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Yogurt is a good source of probiotics, calcium, potassium, and vitamins D, A, and folate. Scientists have found that consuming yogurt on a daily basis can help prevent fractures. If you have weak bones, it is best to consume yogurt fortified with calcium.



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