New Year’s Resolutions: 7 Healthy Habit For Better Eating In 2019!!


We often hear about the need to “eat healthy” all around, but what does this mean exactly? Healthy food is primarily related to healthy cooking. Synonyms for healthy cooking are numerous: health food, dietary cooking, healthy cuisine, quality food, etc.. Indeed, healthy eating encompasses many elements and it is important to combine them all together. Here are 7 healthy eating habits resolutions to get a good start in 2019.

7Reduce fat

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This is obvious.  Fat is the sworn enemy of people watching their weight.  Yet it often seems normal to bathe our food with oil or butter.  Instead use olive oil, which is less rich in saturated fatty acids. Better yet, you can invest in a non-stick pan to cook your meat and fish or focus on steaming. For your cake, rather than lining the baking dish with butter or oil, why not opt for parchment paper?



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