Try These 7 Best Food Apps For Healthy Summer!!


When it comes to finding the best healthy food apps, at a glance you might think the options seem limited to those that count calories or rack up macros.

But that’s not what healthy eating is about. It’s about enjoying food packed with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help you build a body for life. It’s about passing down long-used family recipes that make you happy and, as it happens, up your daily fiber intake, too. It’s about learning to shop in a way that doesn’t harm the planet. And, yes, it’s also about hunting down the best restaurants that serve dairy-free (and delicious) ice cream. Because that’s what works for you and your body.

In short, healthy eating is about far more than calorie numbers in an app; it’s a way of life.


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Sustainable shoppers and eco-warriors, listen up.

If you’ve been avidly following the zero waste movement and are keen to make some sustainable food swaps, it might be time you downloaded Giki. Get the buzz you get when your steps add up to new Fitbit badge but from your food choices. Giki is a self-labeled “sustainable shopping companion”, which rewards you with badges based on how ethical your food shop is. There is a range of factors, from whether your produce is organic and responsibly sourced, to whether it’s been tested on animals, to whether it has a low carbon footprint.

If your grub doesn’t meet any of these requirements, it’ll offer you swaps and sub-ins for the less environmentally friendly options in your basket. Unnecessary plastic packaging, be gone.



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